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Yamaha YFL 222 - Silver Flute Offset G, Footjoint C w/ Hard Case&Bag

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- The Yamaha YFL 222 flute is the renewed and improved version of Yamaha's entry level flute: Yamaha YFL-221. The new model differs from the previous one by the newly developed and elegant-looking pointed key arms. The improved pads have longer lasting stability and because of the further optimized production technology, the Yamaha YFL 222 has an even longer life.
- The 200 series flutes Yamaha are ideal for beginners. The flutes from this series share a large part of their technique with the professional flutes of Yamaha, but have been specifically designed with the needs of the less experienced player in mind. Through the use of nickel-silver, the flute can be offered for a much lower price than the sterling silver models, with only minimal concessions in sound. An additional advantage is that nickel-silver is very durable.
- The Yamaha YFL 222 plays easily and the accurate intonation helps students develop a good ear. Due to the excellent value for money, reliable reputation and high residual value, this flute a safe choice.
- Please be aware (!) that as opposed to the YFL-212, the Yamaya YFL-222 does not have a split-E mechanism.


- Headjoint and lip plate: nickel silver (silver-plated)
- Body and keys: nickel silver (silver-plated)
- Footjoint: nickel silver (silver-plated)
- C-Foot
- Covered Keys (Plateau Keys)
- Offset G configuration
- Yamaha CY headjoint
- Pointed key arms
- Drawn tone holes
- Yamaha Deluxe case and related cleaning products
- Product IDs: Yamaha YFL-222 YFL 222, BYFL222ID, EAN: 4957812595834


- YAMAHA YFL-222 Flute
- Case
- Cleaning Stick
- Body Cleaner

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